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Driveline Vibration-5kSQ-Help???

Patient: '87 5kSQ, 161K miles

-Low pitched growl on launch (especially if launching into a turn)
-Low pitched hum/vibration while accelerating, especially between 2500-3000
-I can't pinpoint where the noise is coming from, but it seems to vibrrate
the length of the car
-symptoms cease when cruising (in gear, maintaining speed)

I have very little experience with driveshafts and/or vehicles with more
than one differential so I have no "feel" for troubleshooting in this area.
I think maybe the drive shaft is not properly aligned (the Bentley says
having it not properly positioned will cause noise and vibration). 
Any input on this subject is greatly appreciated
I am located in Portland Oregon.
Much Thanks in Advance