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3:car needed+headlamp sockets+head gasket?(quite long)

I've been having problems sending posts(I'm an idiot, remember!?!), so here
goes, and TIA!!

1)Mom needs car/~$10K/Boston area...anyone?

...Help me save her from the sea of normalcy - is there a lister out here
that can help? Has to be Automatic :-( thus no Quattro for me to drive
(  Email replys to ampj@mediaone.net

  Thank you....IA of course
2)CGT/4K headlight sockets burning/VW fix?

I'm runnin' higher wattage bulbs(80/100) and the sockets can't take it, as
most of you probably know.  I have relays installed already, but they still
burn. My question: I heard VW GTI headlamp sockets work as a fix for this
problem - Is this true? and if so, can I get them at a local auto parts
store(I live in Mass.)?  Any other fixes?

TIA, Allan
86 Comm. Ed. CGT

3)Think my Head gasket is going....

I have oil in my coolant(not a lot), steam after start-up, noticed tail pipe
is black, etc.  Situation is worse in colder weather, but all is good after
five mins of warm-up.  Can I get thru the winter? What harm am I doing to
engine, cooling system, exhaust, cat, etc.?  If possible I will try to
survive(don't want to drive an obvious smog machine tho!) the winter in
order to ride my motorcycle during the repair.  Please offer advice.  Are
the rings going/gone? I assume a compression check will help, but no
instrument is available now, so I'm hoping you can help without it.

...but...I've been thinkin'(which is bad, I'll admit)...

Some history - I recently(2K miles ago) replaced my fuel pump with a generic
Bosch unit for all 5Ks.  I can get the part # if it will help.  It was
cheaper, but wiring terminals different - no big deal.  But, even tho I knew
it had to be "wet" before being turned on, I ruined it by turning ignition
on while the right rear of the car was still on jack stands, so even tho I
had unclamped the fuel line, it still did not have fuel in it due to the
tilt of the car.  Woops, MY BAD! Live and learn(...sometimes).  It still
runs tho, albeit buzzing all the way. PITA to replace(IMHO), so F@#! it.
Anyways, sometime since then(coincidence?), I've noticed my exhaust smells
during warm-up, and an excess of oil(?) leaking around the plugs on four of
the cylinders. And the plugs are fouled, but with my inexperience, I'm not
sure if they're deposited with carbon or fouled with oil.  How wet will the
plugs be? The threads of the plugs are wet, but to me it seemed as if the
electrodes were deposited with carbon, and not oil.  I also noticed my
coolant is somewhat dirty, although I noticed this before the fuel pump
replacement, SO that would indicate Head Gasket.  But my fuel consumption is
way down(~14.5-15 MPG)...SO, could it be that I am running rich, so rich
that unburnt fuel(?) is being forced thru the plug holes??  I don't know
these things - I'm barely a shade-tree mechanic.  Other symptoms I have
noticed: a)it misfires slightly during warm-up; b)during deceleration while
in gear, engine will surge slightly(sort of feels like an automatic hunting
up and down).  I've never been here, nor have I done this. Any help is much
appreciated.  I have ~180K miles on the digital odometer.  Oil(changed 2500
miles ago) level is fine, looks dirtier than usual tho.  All Bosch tune-up
done 3K miles ago. Switched from K&N back to Bosch at that time...would that
have anything to do with it(i.e. different air flow messing with fuel
mixture?) New quad-electrode plugs are all dirty! :o(

TIA AGAIN!!   Good night!

p.s.  I'm back!  :o)  Hopefully I can offer help...