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Re: Really bad TT ownership experience

Maybe the old call Audi of Germany might be in order...they are usually MUCH
more customer service oriented and insightful than AoA.  It really is
pitiful what happens at AoA as far as customer service and support.  What I
think they really need to do is revamp they way warranty work is done, so
every way claim is not such a hassle to get fixed.  The way I gather it is,
the less work done, the more dealer and his people, so it's only in their
interest to turn down warranty work if at all possible.  They need to change
the basis on the way the dealership receives.  How about for quality of
repairs, or customer repeat business, repeat business after warranty? When
the warranty expires, who in their right mind is going back to the dealer
for the same lousy service and workmanship (that some dealers do) and have
to PAY for it?  AoA you listening?  If instead, they could create loyalty in
the owner, most owners WILL pay for fair treatment, understanding, and GOOD
workmanship.  I know I will, and I'm sure most of the others on this list

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> Two points....
> >Instead, I get this attitude:
> >"You are a pain in the ass and an annoying customer.  You don't know how
> >properly drive a stick shift, and all of these grinds are because you are
> >either missing the shifts, or perhaps you are lying about things, or are
> >crazy.  There's nothing we can do to make you happy, because you are so
> >unreasonable."
> >
> >Well there is something that they can do to keep me happy.  FIX THE DAMN
> 1. Welcome to the club...   ;-)  The only nice people at AoA I've ever
> in contact with are the receptionist at the HQ and a couple of the people
> who answer the 800 number.
> 2.  Have you considered a different dealer for service?
> Cheers,
> Richard
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