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Crash test old Audis or sommat

Just a point of info here. There is nothing wrong with Audi lights 
as they were designed. The problem lies in the US mods to meet the 
imaginary or imagined damage that these lights would produce when 
involved in a fight with the plaintiff's bar. By moving the focus 
point of the bulb and changing the glass, the effect on some of 
the 80s versions was to render the light useless. True you can see 
the light, but the driver cant see anything with them. A problem 
easily rectified by replacement with Euro versions. Caveat Emptor 
because if you have an accident, and if the other part gets cut, 
and if their lawyer decides to check out your modded car because 
the layer knows that Audis and Rovers and someothers had this 
problem....say g'bye to your house!