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Re: 3:car needed+headlamp sockets+head gasket?(quite long)

Robert offered these pointers(all appreciated):
>....  A better fix is to install driving and fog lights, fused and
>relayed and properly aimed and operated, of course....

Done.  PIAA 940 DUALs(I think they're 940...?)

>spend the money and install euro lights.

LOTS of money! ($600 + 100 for wiring harness from Blau) ...for the H4/H1s

>Steam from where?  Tailpipe?  Normal.  Coolant overflow tank?  Mui bad
>news.  Elsewheere?  If so, where?

Steam/smoke comes from exhaust tailpipe, then dissapates(sp?)...

>>noticed tail pipe
>>is black, etc.
>Soot from running rich.  Any sign of black smoke on heavy acceleration?
>Have someone else put it through its paces while you watch from another car

Will do....

>Sounds like a potential head gasket to me also.  Can it wait?  Not in my
>car.  Buy one.  It's not that expensive.  Local parts place.

Yeah, but it is a lot of work, no?  If I do it, can I find out about the
rings when I get down there?  Do you think rings are a possibility?

>Naw, that shouldn't be a problem.  Not unless you had the car almost
>standing on its nose

No, but then I'm not sure as to why the pump is buzzing...It's new!

>There is an OEM "inner lining" made of material which can slowly
>slough off and ends up clogging the FP intake screen.  This may be the

Can I look into the end of the FP and find out?

>I'd say that fuel consumption was way up.  Mileage is way down.  :-)

Woops, I was tired.   :o)

>I can't imagine that happening.  A compression test is in order...
>...acceptable pressure.  Sorry, I don't know it right offhand.

BTDT...will buy one soon I guess.

>Any sign at all of water in the oil?  Does it look even slightly
>"oatmealy"?  If so you may have gotten by with a leaking head gasket.  When
>the gasket gets bad enough coolant (water) may leak into the oil system.
>Bad news.

Not oatmealy, just thicker and darker than usual, but it has been 2600
miles...not that bad, I know.

>Any sign of burning oil?  Blue smoke on heavy acceleration and/or on
>deceleration?  Does your "wet plug" feel oily?

No, no, and no.  Good signs I guess.

>Plugs can get fouled from running excessively rich

How do I solve excessively rich problem?  Sounds as if I have both a head
gasket going and a rich problem.  ...if being "rich" is a problem.  -bad
joke-  ;o)

Thanks!  see ya