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Re: V8 engine in type 44

I have a 1991 V8Q 5spd. Is this thing really that rare?

Am I luckey or cursed?


OorQue@aol.com wrote:

> > ... word on the street is that the 4.2 block is the same automatic or
> >  manual, and that both are compatible with the old Q tranny's bellhousing.
> A
> >  quick check of TFA could confirm this, but I'm having to live without for a
> >  bit thanks to some software corruption on my home system ... apparently
> >  thanks to somebody's website.  You don't have to think about V8s either, I
> >  understand that the 30v V6 is compatible as well.
> Ben Howell said he saw the tranny from an A8 sitting on a bench at work (he
> works in the parts dept. of Prestige Audi) and said he thought the bolt
> pattern looked nearly the same as the Type 016 tranny.  He then decided to
> measure it -- I don't know how he did this -- and confirmed that it was
> indeed the same as the Type 016.  Obviously, if the A8 tranny has the same
> bolt pattern as the Type 016 tranny, then it stands to reason that a Type 016
> can be bolted up to the A8 block.  However, this doesn't mean there aren't
> other differences between the two that will have to be addressed (input shaft
> length, pilot bearing size, etc.) nor does this confirm the Type 016 will
> bolt up to ABH-code 4.2L engine that was installed in the later V8 sedans.
> What IS known for sure is that Audi used two completely different blocks for
> the 3.6L PT-code engine -- one for those with 5-speeds and another for those
> with automatics -- and the Type 016 will only bolt up to the former and not
> the latter.  Although 5-speed versions of the 3.6L V8 engine are readily
> available elsewhere in the world, they're fairly rare in the U.S. and I've

> been told that only something like 76 of these cars were imported back in

> 1991, the one and only year they were available here.  No wonder people are
> willing to travel all over the U.S. to buy one!
> >  Perhaps the best way to be sure that you have what you need is to look for
> a
> >  whole car that has the donor powerplant.  That way you'lll be sure to have
> >  the bits from the wiring harness that you need to splice the two together.
> >  Ben Howell/Jeff Goggin have gotten pretty far along on getting a 3.6l PT
> >  engine into an ur-q ... a type 44 should not be more difficult than that
> ...
> By comparison, the Ur-Q's engine compartment is quite a bit smaller but even
> so, this won't be a bolt-in installation as the 200's motor mounts are
> located in the wrong places and will have to be moved.  The V8's nose panel
> is different as well, to accomodate the radiator in front of the engine, and
> this will likely have to be changed out as well. If you want a swap that
> looks like it was done at the Audi factory, then you'll either need to buy a
> complete donor vehicle or spend a LOT of money at the dealer's parts counter
> since V8-only parts tend to be quite expensive.
> >  Be sure to do your homework though before putting too much money into the
> project!
> I agree as the cost of V8 parts could make a mistake very costly.
> JG