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RE: 3:car needed+headlamp sockets+head gasket?(quite long)

Allan and Erik,

My personal experience with the Competition Unlimited (nice folks, BTW)
wiring harness (including sockets) and 80/100 watt 9004 lights (or the
lower values above stock) was totally unsatisfactory in my first '89 200tq.
 I repeatedly burned out the sockets.  Eventually I soldered in several
sets of new sockets at a time so that changing to new sockets at the
roadside at wheat seemed to be approximately weekly intervals became a
trivial matter.  Using lower power lights (65/80? 65/100?, I forget)
extended the socket life but only marginally.  After I tired of that I went
back to the stock lights and added decent driving lights and fog lights.
This proved to be a much more livable solution.  This, of course, requires
suitable relays/switches/fuses, etc along with proper aiming.  A bit of
ingenuity in deciding how to wire the lights so that they are easily
controllable and do what you want them for is also helpful.

Were I to do it again, I would not even bother trying to upgrade lights
simply by using higher wattage 9004 lights.  IME, it simply doesn't work
for any length of time.

At 11:50 AM 12/12/1999 -0600, Erik Addy wrote:
>> I'm runnin' higher wattage bulbs(80/100) and the sockets can't take it, as
>> most of you probably know.  I have relays installed already, but
>> they still
>> burn. My question: I heard VW GTI headlamp sockets work as a fix for this
>> problem - Is this true? and if so, can I get them at a local auto parts
>> store(I live in Mass.)?  Any other fixes?
>I run 65/100's 9007's on the 4kq, and have had no problems with the
>I use "HD" ones from comp ltd.
>However, I should note that I don't recall ever using high beams for a long
>duration on this car.

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