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Re: Loctite on axles splines?

I own an 86 4kcsq an 82 diesel Rabbit & an 84 Jetta GLI.  I did the axles on
the Audi and the Rabbit.  The Audi showed evidence that some form of
loctite had been used in the past.  The Rabbit did not.  The Bentley for the
called for a locking compound, the Bentley for the Rabbit did not. (I used it
anyway)  BTW I have a large 3-arm puller that had no trouble pulling any of
the axles.  Without it, it would have been trouble.


JShadzi@aol.com wrote:

>     I have been cursed by this a couple times now, but is it standard
> procedure to put loctite on axle splines?  It makes removing the axle from
> the hub a real "pulling" experience.  I am thinking no, but can anyone give
> any good explanation for doing this (I am all for the axle nut and loctite
> btw).  I am planning on leaving it off...
> Javad