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FW: Custom Pistons - relocation of gudgeon or wrist pin & chice of manufacturers

My apologies if this is appearing a 2nd time.  Thought I'd sent it before,
but didn't see it on the list.
Has anyone on the list had any experience with custom pistons (say @ 82mm in
bore) and relocation of the piston wrist pin?

Any tips, hints or things to consider or specify in having a set of pistons
made?  High silicon content; low?

Manufacturer experiences - JE vs. Wiseco vs.  ?? vs. Mahle or Kolbenschmidt
(don't know if you can get custom sizes and/or other mods in the Mahle or

Any ideas how far "up" (i.e. increase in stroke length) a pin might be moved
in an Audi 3B / AAN piston?  Is 5.5mm or 6mm doable?

JE wants a complete piston w/ rod to look at.  I rather not disassemble the
brand new engine that's in the garage to pull out a piston if I can avoid
it, and the other candidate for supplying a piston is still in the car
moving it around town.


Michael Pederson