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Re: Troubles with AoA (long poste)

> I was very lucky and fortunate to have a dealer that was customer 
> oriented.

This is the most important... especially if they have a sale on the
line :).

When I had troubles with the 95 90Q, the dealer was extremely helpful
negotiating with Audi...  They had the sale of an A4 on the line...
it ended as a straight swap 95 90Q for 97 A4 1.8TQ.

I had a detailed letter addressed to the dealer, BBB, State Attorney General
and AoA.  I went into the dealer and showed it to them as a courtesy
before I sent it...  they just asked me to wait a week and a little
time later, all was worked out.

BTW, if you get a jerk at AoA, ask for their superior.  If they try to
tell you they are the end of the line, they are lying and basically
treating you like an idiot.  The end of the line is in Germany, not AoA.
Not even Len Hunt.  The last time a customer service rep tried to tell
me they were the end of the line, it happened that the president of
their company was on the board at the company where I work...  I just
walked down to our president and asked for the phone number :)