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Re:Custom Pistons - relocation of gudgeon or wrist pin & chice ofmanufacturers

>My apologies if this is appearing a 2nd time.  Thought I'd sent it
>before, but didn't see it on the list.
>Has anyone on the list had any experience with custom pistons (say @ 82mm
>in bore) and relocation of the piston wrist pin?

Yes, when I got custom pistons from JE, I got pistons to match an 82mm
bore.  I wouln't reccomend changing the pin height unless you are using
some kind of custom con rod since the clearance is very tight as it is
between the top of the piston and the valves.

I am using JE premium pins which weigh a mere 120 grams each!

> Any tips, hints or things to consider or specify in having a set of
>pistons made?  High silicon content; low?

I don't think they have much variety available for piston materials.  I
think if you are looking for good heat resistance you could get them
ceramic coated...

>Manufacturer experiences - JE vs. Wiseco vs.  ?? vs. Mahle or
>Kolbenschmidt (don't know if you can get custom sizes and/or other mods
>in the Mahle or Kolbenschmidt)

I am overall quite pleased with JE.  The pistons were a tad late in
arriving, but no big deal since I haven't used the motor yet anyway.

>Any ideas how far "up" (i.e. increase in stroke length) a pin might be
>moved in an Audi 3B / AAN piston?  Is 5.5mm or 6mm doable?

EEk...  I don't know here, but I think you don't have too much room to
play with...  see above comments..

>JE wants a complete piston w/ rod to look at.  I rather not disassemble
>the brand new engine that's in the garage to pull out a piston if I can
>avoid it, and the other candidate for supplying a piston is still in the
>car moving it around town.

I'm sure someone on this list must have a dead 3B hanging around...  ask

Hopefully others will fill in where I left huge gaping blanks and blind
statements without too much actual knowledge ;-)


Marc Swanson


87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   donor (Parting out)