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Free Audi TT upgrades???

Got this out of this months Automobile Magazine....

"That old Audi luck: Audi TT buyers in Europe are on the warpath about the
car's on-limit behavior, claiming that the sportscar has rear-axle-lift
characteristics at high speed.  In response, Audi will retrofit handling and
aerodynamic modifications to all TT's worldwide free of charge.
Front-wheel-drive cars get altered stabilizers in front, while Quattro
models get new anti-roll bars front and rear.  All models receive modified
wishbones up front and firmer dampers all around.  Audi will also slap a
spoiler on the car's rear, a move that is sure to horrify desighn purists

BTW, There is a TT with this rear spoiler in the photo, and it looks good