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RE: 3:car needed+headlamp sockets+head gasket?(quite long)

>  Hi Erik;
>   The problem with the DOT lights is in the design of the
> reflector and lens
> system - increasing bulb wattage just provides more lumens to
> scatter in all
> directions.

Yes, I am aware of this.  Which is why my 200tq has euros.  However, for
my 4kq, I prefer to spend less money, and I'm sure my brother cant afford
the expensive 200 euros.
The effect of 9007's in the stock lights is actually pretty good.  Not euros
by a long shot, but a very good improvement for $20 in bulbs (+relays, wire,
sockets, etc that you would also do with euros).  The cutoff is still not
sharp, but the overall focus is better and more even.

>     The discolouration at the connectors is from the contacts heating up,
> not from heat from the bulb. The 900x contacts have a low surface area and
> are pretty well limited in the amount of current they can carry to that
> required by normal wattage bulbs. The spade contacts on the Euro Hx bulbs
> are much larger and can carry more amps.

Yep, I do wish the 900x's had bigger contacts, although given the crappy
optics of the lights they are in, I guess it doens't make much difference,
as you don't want to go to many watts anyway.  Switching to the 9007
orientation, however, does make a very noticable improvement (and a couple
extra watts helps, too).

Oh, wait a minute, are you saying this because what I said about the metal
4kq lights possible dispersing the heat better than the plastic 200 lights?
I still think that might help, as the small connectors in the bulb heat up
which _might_ transfer from the base of the bulb to the metal reflector

Otherwise, I can't figure out why the other posters connectors are burning
with the same wattage bulbs and connectors from the same company (comp ltd).
Perhaps comp ltd used a different connectors in his harness then they sold