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Re: Keyless entry questions

OK Huw, I'll do it.  The schematic exists at 
http://www.20v.org/20v/remote.htm  The difference between what I tried to 
send and the existing one is that on the one at the 20v site, there is no 
provision for a 12v source from the vac pump wiring harness.  One thing I 
forgot to mention in yesterday's post is that there was no "click" from 
either relay, and I know for a fact they are getting power.  If the remotes 
are not properly coded (by me) then the control unit for the keyless entry 
would not send a signal to the relay, correct?  Your suggestion has prompted 
me to start my own web page/site of trials and tribulations.  Should only 
take me a year or so.....
Gil Bourcier
87 4kcsq-rock solid
90 V8Q-with keyless entry that wants to work