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RE: Trouble with AoA

This is my first brand new vehicle ever.  I am retired and wanted the 
experience of "braking in" a new car.  All my previous vehicles have been 
used.  I have had an excellent luck with Audi 5000.  My nephew is driving 
it now and it is approaching 350K. with only one clutch change, one 
alternator, few water pumps and timing belt.  I was hoping that A6 would at 
least last half of what the 5000 has done.  The other big motivating factor 
was that I thought Audi had a very good customer support.  Was I wrong.  I 
have withstood the 100LS debacle with inboard brakes which at that time 
were not a warranty item.  I was there for them when alleged sudden 
acceleration devastated the sales in US.  On paper the warranty for 1996 
looked very good and Audi was winning all sorts of platitudes.  It never 
occurred to me that this was not the same AoA when I worked for them. Live 
and learn I guess.

The most disappointing thing was that AoA is taking their customers and 
their problems cavalierly.  I get a distinct feeling that they really do 
not care. They will go through some perfunctory lip service, delivered by 
people who are reading the same page on some manual.  They do not acquaint 
themselves with information on any case in question and end up alibiing 
nascence.  So, you the customer, stand there and ask yourself does this 
person think I am a complete idiot.  Customer Advocates are even 
worse.  They sit in front of a computer monitor diligently typing key words 
to search the data base for a similar situation.  They have no concept of 
what you are telling them.  The above opinions are my own.  Others may have 
had different experiences.  At Audi Quatro list server we do not get 1% of 
troubled Audis, and that is what is perpetuating AoA current attitude.  I 
hope they wake up one day and smell the oil.:)