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RE: Custom Pistons - relocation of gudgeon or wrist pin & choice ofmanufactu...

Well, one of the suggestions by persons who sound like they've given this
kind of thing a lot of thought is that a reduction in connecting rod length
to make a fit is, for a variety of geometrical reasons (i.e. increase in
angle of wrist pin throw, increase in leverage against rod length at 90
degrees & 270 degrees of crank travel, & possibly clearances both by the rod
at 90 & 270 degrees and by the piston skirt at 180 degrees of stroke), make
that the least desirable of changes.  I think changing the rod length would
also rule out certain pre-made performance connecting rod options.

The block height is one way to try, but I didn't think you could run a
piston, I'm guessing certainly not a ring on one, up past a gasket seam, if
that's what you're suggesting.  If you know differently let me know.  Since
this is a turbo application that could, depending on the turbo finally
selected run 20+ lbs of boost, the gasket is certainly a very important
component & I'm not sure one would want to make it any thicker than it
absolutely has to be.  As far as the taller block, I haven't been able to
figure out how to get a timing belt that's going to work - the stock belt
is, so I'm informed a 1208mm - I'd need a belt about 1.25in, or 31mm longer
with the right width, 19.1mm and "teeth."

Michael Pederson

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     what about compressed gasket thickness?  why dont you use

    block height  - rod length - crank arm (1/2 stroke)= compression height
of piston