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Cabriolet questions

I looked at a few Cabriolet's (budget requires me to look at 1994-1995)
over the weekend  not knowing if I should go that route (currently have
Saab 900 convertible) and wanted to know if anybody had the answerst to
these questions.

I would like to have a CD player, did it require a Bose upgrade to get a
factory CD, or can you get a factory CD player without a Bose. The two I
checked out both had the Audi "gamma" system.

How much (ballpark) are those windscreens?

The plastic window doesn't last long before it clouds up and hard to see
out of. Any secrets to clean them or is one SOL until a new roof?

What kind of options were available in those years? I know heated seats was

Thanks for your help.