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RE: REPORT on 17x8 '00 AVUS wheels! Finally!


Outstanding work!  I'm happy that you finally got the wheels; what an
agonizing wait that must have been!  Anyway, your car looks very, very nice.
Thanks for the photos and the additional info.  Interesting that the 17x7.5
Avus are made by Ronal and the 17x8 Avus are made by Speedline.  I bet a
dollar that the 18x8 are Speedline, too.  

Well, I am literally within a week or so of making a final wheel decision,
so I hope to hear some info about a GP.  Can you at least hint to me what
the terms might be?  Or, can you give me/us a vague notion of when this
might be put together?  I am on BALD tires, like you were, and in need of
some fresh rubber.

Thanks again for your work,

Jimmy Pribble
1993 /S4 quattro

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Subject: REPORT on 17x8 '00 AVUS wheels! Finally!

Hi all,

OK - The year 2000 S6 AVUS 17x8 wheels are finally here and mounted on the
UrS4.  Note to myself; never ever order an airbag from overseas bundled with
parts you really need fast! Its a relief to get the new wheels -- Had to
drive around in wet NW on R1 slicks since the Nov. 7 Porsche PIR track day,
'cause the tire shop wouldn't remount my worn 16" street tires.)


More considered reaction:  These wheels really update the UrS-car. Wheels
are a great-looking complement to the S-car shape and character.  Factory
Audi / RONIN-car look is a nice touch.  Nicely fill up the wheel arches
without being overkill like 18's would be.  (My friend's S8 conversion is a
car big enough to aesthetically handle huge18" AVUS.  Tires choices and
costs are _far _better with 17" as well.)  I like the center caps much
better than the S8's 18" AVUS convex, monocolor cap.  I'm surprised at how
much different/bigger the 17's look compared to the 16" AVUS that are
available in the US, maybe its because the thinner-looking 40-series tires
act to make the wheels appear bigger than the 13% bigger wheel "area" alone
would suggest.


1.  ET35, 17"x8"  is the factory spec wheel for the 2000 S6 V8. Wheels are
not normally available in USA.
(Note: the S4tt only comes with measly 7-1/2" x 17" wheels, go figure)

2. Weight of 1 wheel = 26 lbs.
     weight of 1 wheel + a 245/40-17 Bridgestone S02 Pole Position = 52 lbs.

3. Clearance for the Mov'It Big Red 993tt calipers/rotors is superb.  2
fingers clearance to the inside of the spokes and 1 finger clearance to
inside diameter of wheel.
(Contrast with stock UrS4 16" wheels that require 5mm spacer and had only
3mm of clearance! but they do clear and are now my dedicated R1-shod track

4.  Made by SpeedLine for Audi. Made in Italy.  Genuine AVUS style, which
has the dimpled and flared spoke ends x 6 spokes.

3. Metallic silver finish, Clearcoat is deep, beautiful

6.  Plastic center cap is concave/dished, metallic silver with clearcoat,
then inner very dark gray accent ring, then center has audi rings logo on
dark silver.  I think they are same as the S4tt's center caps.

7.   AVUS 8X17' wheels of the '00 S6 quattro V8 is:
       4B3 601 025B  Z17

       Wheel's center cap is:
       8D0 601 165E  Z17

For a zip of the wheels pics use an FTP application and dowload/get from

The zip is also attached for those list servers that pass through binaries
ok, (MIME_DIGEST version of s-car list is great)

Pics include:
-- closeup of wheel/big-reds
-- closeup of inside of wheel
-- UrS4 with wheels and yours truly
-- closeup of outside of wheel off the car

Next I will inquire of my source about a potential Group Purchase (GP), now
that I've been the guineau pig.  Please be a little more patient!

Leigh Anderson


'92 UrS4, '85 4KQ