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Re: crash tests

>                 ... Be aware that two cars travelling towards each other,
> each at 30 MPH is an extremely severe collision, visually, it would LOOK
> like driving into a parked car while you were doing 60 MPH, brakes OFF.
> I believe physics shows us that 2 cars head-on each going 30mph is not the
> same as 1 car going 60 into a parked car. 

I believe you're wrong...

> Each car absorbs 30mph, not 1
> absorbing none (unless it is a semi-truck) and the other car absorbing all.
> Small point, but a common misconception.

the total energy is the same.  relatively speaking the two cars (A at 30
and B at 30 or A at 60 and B at 0) could be going any speed relative to
the observer.  they are travelling 60 mph relative to each other.  

Try it sometime, actions speak louder than... oops, maybe don't!

Huw Powell