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boost bypass setups

Hi List,

I am planning on putting in a bypass setup in my 5ktq real-soon-now.  There
are two basic setups I am aware of:

TAP has a Samco IC hose with a tee, yielding a IC hose to turbo inlet setup
that routes through the IC.

2Bennett has a setup that runs from the IC inlet pipe to the turbo inlet,
with a shorter route not through the IC.

I have seen a couple of the IC-tee type set ups, but have never seen the
2Bennett solution.  Anyone out there care to comment on the 2Bennett bypass?

Also, in general, I am leaning towards the 2Bennett, as I foresee an
upgraded intercooler, and my thought is the IC hose would likely change
significantly with a single pass IC.  Is this a reasonable assumption?


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq