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Loctite on drive shaft splines

Hi All,

My Bentley says: "apply locking compound D 6 approx. 5mm (13/64in) wide
around splines...  Note:  Allow locking compound D 6 to harden at least 1

It's a good thing there are no Bentley patrols, for I've done a number of
these, and by the time I get around to putting the spline back into the hub,
I am in no mood to (a) apply D 6 or Loctite, and (b) wait an hour for it to

I see no compelling reason to apply a locking compound given that the
Axle(hub) nut should be torqued to 280Nm(202 ft lb).  Perhaps someone more
expert than I could comment on the specification of D 6 / Loctite.

For those who've not done it before, be sure that the weight of the car is
on the wheel when loosening and  re-torquing the axle nut.  A casual wrench
at an emergency shop in Shawnee, OK,  ruined 3, yes 3, outer CVJ's by using
an airgun impact wrench to torque the axle nut while the car was in the air.
One time he nearly crushed the bearing housing.  It was my car....


Jim Jordan