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RE: Lousy fuel economy on '91 200TQW; advice, please.

Thanks for the input so far (however limited).  I suppose I should do a
backpressure test on the exhaust, though I doubt this is it.  The exhaust
seems okay, and there are two cats on this car in parallel.  Perhaps
another option is to throw another O2 sensor on it that hopefully leans out
the mixture a bit.  The mystery to me that the exhaust is very very clean,
so is emissions, yet I'm barely getting 13mpg around town.

Is there an easy way to tell if an injector is leaking?  (the injector
solenoids are working fine)


- Jim

>>Fred Munro wrote:
>>> Hi Jim;
>>>     Your city mileage is not far off what I was getting with my '91 200q -
>>> mine was around 13-14 mpUSg.
>>I guess there could be a big variation between what's considered "city" 
>>but when my wife used our '91 200Q for almost exclusively short trips, we
>>to get around 19 mpg.
>>I drive it now 80 miles everyday, almost all freeway, but with at least 20
>>minutes of stop-and-go per day. I average about 45 mph from fill-to-fill, and
>>get something like 22-23 mpg. If I'm all alone and I drive at a steady 75 
>>mph, I
>>get a little over 25 mpg.
>>The lowest mileage I ever got was 10.3 mpg, after several laps at the
>>Thunderhill track.
>>From my experience, I feel that 13-14 mpg is a bit low, though I'm at a 
>loss to
>>offer any advice, given Jim's fairly exhaustive checks.
>>'91 200Q, 109K
>>Arun Rao
>>Pixar Animation Studios
>>Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
>>(510) 620-3526