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Autosports Unlimited - Zeeland MI

2 questions...
1. Any good or bad info on them?

2. Anybody have an 'in' with them to help me shave a few dollars?

As an all else fails, I've been shopping for a rebuilt trans for the new
V8q. Issue is gross seal leakage - trans shifts fine. My point is that
if I spend the cash to have it come out, it ain't never gonna have to
again... Their price is definitely the best so far - 2150.00 rebuilt
with 12/12 warrentee that includes labor. Thats a bunch cheaper than
Euro Trans in NJ - they didn't even have one in stock and would have to
redo mine.
This is also close enough to the used ones I've found that its worth the
extra for a rebuild.

Dave Head
89 200q will be for sale if/when I fix the V8q
90 V8q - the hanger queen. Looks good, don't look underneath.