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Re: Cabriolet questions

Didn't VW Cabrio's have heated glass rear windows?

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999 00:00:20 -0500 "Scott" <scottb2460@earthlink.net>
>I looked at a few Cabriolet's (budget requires me to look at 
>over the weekend  not knowing if I should go that route (currently 
>Saab 900 convertible) and wanted to know if anybody had the answerst 
>these questions.
>I would like to have a CD player, did it require a Bose upgrade to get 
>factory CD, or can you get a factory CD player without a Bose. The two 
>checked out both had the Audi "gamma" system.
>How much (ballpark) are those windscreens?
>The plastic window doesn't last long before it clouds up and hard to 
>out of. Any secrets to clean them or is one SOL until a new roof?
>What kind of options were available in those years? I know heated 
>seats was
>Thanks for your help.