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1996 A6 Tires & Splash Guards

Happy Holidays to all!

I just recently purchased a 1996 A6 Quattro Sedan.  I am in the process
of shopping for new tires and would appreciate any suggestions.  I'm a
big Michelin fan.  I have always had them on my cars and have always
been happy with their performance.  I live in Tennessee but may be
moving to an area that will have harsher winters, therefore I am looking
at the all season radials.

I'm also looking for splash guards for both front and rear.  I have
talked to my local dealer and they have told me that for my vehicle,
Audi only makes them for the front.  Has anyone found someone that makes
them to fit both front and rear?

A big "Thank You" to Daniel H. for his answer to my previous questions!

Great day to you all,