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Re: V8 engine in type 44

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999 OorQue@aol.com wrote:

> I guess it depends upon your perspective: Compared to some of the engine 
> swaps I was involved with when I was a lot younger -- as a spectator, not 
> owner/mechanic -- it looks pretty straightforward since the engine bolts up 
> to the tranny and the firewall doesn't have to be modified.  There are a few 
> clearance problems here and there but that's no surprise, all things 
> considered.  I spent some time underneath it today trying to figure out the 
> best way to mount the engine and my conclusion is to fabricate a new subframe 
> and mount it to that, like Audi did with the 4-cyl cars.  Since this means I 
> can also modify the suspension geometry at the same time, I'll finally have 
> to take measurements so I can plot it out on my computer and see whether any 
> improvements can be made ... otherwise, the rest of it should be fairly easy 
> and pretty much a bolt-on proposition.

	Hmm, I thought Ben already had the engine Mounts welded
up.  Anyhow, very curious what you do here.  May want to check out Mark
Nelsons Web Page.  he did the Engine to subframe think on his S2
Rallycar.  The url is
to go directly to the Pictures part.  The ones at the bottom half are the
ones You'll find interesting.  I seriously wonder about the flow of the
Intake manifold.  righ angles dont usually flow well but I spose it will
work.  I would have tried for a more direct path with 5-individual runners
maybe.  Like the S4 used sort of.  
	anyhow, take a look at the subframe.  Its all welded in but you
might get something from it.  Who knows.

> Of course, the twin-turbo idea I have in my head will definitely complicate 
> matters should I decide to pursue it further...

	If I were you, I'd design it in so that you have room to mount
them up.  But not necesarily do it.  That way you can add them later if
you want.  Or, if you find the turbo's for cheap, go for ti.  But why go
with Audi Turbo's if your going totally custom.  Maybe try for some T-3/4
hybrids or something.  Or just the T3 unit.  somethins small like the
K03's but with the ability to build some real boost.  Of course, even 8psi
on the V8 would make for a very fast car.  :-)