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RE: Trouble with AoA


Don't misunderstand me.  Audi is still one of the best vehicles for the 
buck.  I would buy another one for sure.  What I am disappointed in is the 
lack of true customer support.  That problem is endemic not only with Audi 
but with other auto manufacturers.  I feel they should stand behind their 
product 100% regardless if you are a tenth owner.  The warranty is implied 
for the vehicle and not the owner.  They should at least look at the 
problems on case to case basis rather than just summarily making a company 
policy that excludes everyone. Also, their operating officers should not 
insolate themselves from the very people that made their position and 
salary possible.  Audi is a great vehicle but it is not perfect.  With 
global work force making parts for them, and random inspection of those 
parts all sorts of things can, and does, happen.  Good example of that 
might be the current wave of TT transmission problems.  On the other hand 
carbon build up in combustion chamber and TT recall for a suspension and 
drag wing should have never happen.  Those are design problems that should 
have never left the CAD program that created it.  Of course I am 
oversimplifying since I am sure there are financial considerations in 
question.  As a service manager I used to point out to my staff that we 
always had time to do it right the SECOND time, why can't we do it right 
the first time.  The same should apply to the designers, and more so to the 
sales people who are always rushing to get it out there even if it is not 
totally designed.