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Re: crash tests

>I'm sure Huw will post the results of his tests (because we know his Audi
>will keep him safe :-)

First, I'm not getting into a pissing contest, just contributing to
conversation: this is my first and final post on this thread.

The collision is either elastic or inelastic. I may be wrong, but I think
that that is based on the material that is colliding, right? So for a good
test, you'd need to duplicate the elasticity of the colliding cars. In my
opinion that'd be kinda difficult.

What I'm saying is that if the cars produce an elastic collision, and a test
is performed with objects that will form an inelastic one, the test's
results won't hold true to the cars; or visa versa.

As always I'm open to criticism, and as I only took one run-through physics
course in high school last year: I yield to those of greater knowledge
(and/or, knowing the list, with a greater determination to win a debate)