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Re: [1996 A6 Tires & Splash Guards]

Kerstin Schutt <kerstinls@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> Happy Holidays to all!
> I just recently purchased a 1996 A6 Quattro Sedan.  I am in the process
> of shopping for new tires and would appreciate any suggestions.  I'm a
> big Michelin fan.  I have always had them on my cars and have always
> been happy with their performance.  I live in Tennessee but may be
> moving to an area that will have harsher winters, therefore I am looking
> at the all season radials.
> I'm also looking for splash guards for both front and rear.  I have
> talked to my local dealer and they have told me that for my vehicle,
> Audi only makes them for the front.  Has anyone found someone that makes
> them to fit both front and rear?
> A big "Thank You" to Daniel H. for his answer to my previous questions!
> Great day to you all,
> Kerstin


I have a couple of recommendations in the Michelin tire line.  Last summer
Michelin came out with a new "reasonably priced" Pilot tire; it is called the
XGTH4 Pilot.  It is an "all season" tire although I feel it is definitely
biased toward dry and wet conditions much more than snow.  I live in the
Sierra's with an annual snow fall in the 400+ inch range so I go with the
Michelin Arctic Alpin for the winter.  If your new home has significant
snowfall an extra set of rims and a set of true winter tires are a good
investment.  Both of these tires are available from the Tire Rack at
tirerack.com at fairly reasonable prices.

Hope it works out for you,]


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