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5kt diagnostic

I'm having a heck of a time diagnosing my 85 5kt (non quat). The car starts 
hard under a variety of conditions. Also only pulls 1.2 bar at full throttle. 
When I bought the car, the thermo-vacuum switch under Plug #5 was broken. I 
replaced it and thought that would take care of it. Not so. I have checked 
for vacuum leaks with ether and found nothing. 
The test port by the frequency valve seems to be of the wrong configuration 
(namely flat blade terminal) and gives me no readings. It has a blue with 
white wire, and 2 brown grnd wires. I have searched high & low and can find 
no other (round terminal) connector.
Jim Jordan E-mailed a test procedure from the Bosch book which is most 
helpful, but doesn't match this car. Namely jumping terminals #39 & 40 on the 
fuse block for the fuel pump. My fuse box fuel pump relay socket doesn't have 
poles numbered 39 & 40. Poles 39 & 40 are under 2 different relays, and when 
jumpered, don't run the fuel pump.
Scott M's site is great but only deals with '86 & up for troubleshooting. I 
have checked as many terminals at the ECU as I can without finding the proper 
test port.
Anyone BTDT with one of these.
I well might need this car for a 1k mile Christmas trip, and need it to 
reliably start.

Puzzled in Denver