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Re: 0-60 What??

In a message dated 99-12-13 21:49:30 EST, you write:

<< OTOH, the Bimmer 540i(autobox) is the only V8 there that can go 0-60 in
 less than 7sec; not even the GS400.... that's really strange.

The GS400 does the 0-60 run in around 5.8 seconds - almost the same as the 
540i 6 speed, which clicks it in 5.4 (faster than most "sports" cars), the 
GS300 and 528i sport do the trick in the mid 7's (still faster than most 
"sports" cars).  Trust me - try to race some guy in his GS400 sometime - I 
doubt you can outdrag him (or her...:-) )
Unless, of course, you have an M5 (0-60 in 4.4)

Carter J