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Re: heater valves

> BTST, hacked it, didn't help...
> What I mean to say is, I found the same thing on a new heater valve,
> got out a dremel and went to work on it. I managed to avoid destroying
> the silly thing and I still don't get enough heat. I know that I
> increased the flow, but it didn't do anything noticable.
> I'm guessing that what I really need to do is to tear down the
> ventilation system next summer and fix all the leaky seals and
> such.

I worry about cloggation of my heater core a bit.  Maybe I should swap
it out of boredom?

I wonder if that little tab-y thing actually *does* something?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe 60 mph
84 4kq 30 mph 
85 Coupe GT 30 mph 
73 F250 0 mph