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Re: heater valves

This summer I replaced the valves on my 86 4kcsq and my 82 VW
Rabbit diesel.  Both valves had similar designs to the one you describe.
The design is really rather clever.  The small opening meters coolant
very precisely at low flow rates, as when you are merely taking the
"chill" off rather than trying to heat the interior.  The final opening
while small is adaquate.  Both of my cars will provide more than enough
heat down to 0 F.  If you are not getting heat look at your core, it may be
filled with deposits that greatly reduce the heat transfer.

Just my .02


Huw Powell wrote:

> Just picked up a new one and wanted to babble about something i've
> noticed.  To can keep score at home along with us here in the studio,
> run and get a used or new one from your collection.
> [As I look into this piece, with the valve shut, there is no aperture.
> there is a reddish piece of plastic across the middle of the approx. 1
> cm dia pipe.  As the valve is opened a tiny hole appears and moves
> across the edge of the pipes circumference, widening as it goes.  It is
> followed by a 2 more slightly larger holes doing the same thing one
> after the other, and then finally the final edge of this complex baffle
> piece comes into view - and at the end of the operating levers stroke, a
> piece of this baffle still blocks about 1/6-1/4 of the pipes cross
> sectional area.]
> or skip the wordiness - when its 100% open, it ain't!
> As someone with inadequate heat I have to wonder why this is.  Anyone
> know?
> --
> Huw Powell
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