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Re: the 4 companies of Auto Union.....

Close.  Horch, Wanderer, DKW & Audi got together in 1932.  Audi got
bought out by Daimler-Benz in 1956, then finally by VW in 1964.   NSU got
swallowed up by VW/Audi in 1969, after the whole Ro80 debacle.  That's
when VW was making some really questionable automobiles, i.e. the 411 &
412.  (What were they thinking???)  At least that's how I heard it.  

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On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 00:43:04 EST JordanVw@aol.com writes:
> someone asked me, and i want to just check with you all first - 
> the 4 rings stand for the 4 automakers which converged into Auto 
> Union, being:
> Horch, Wanderer, NSU, and DKW....
> am i right?
> chris
> '86 5kT, TQ