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S6 Avant

Hi all,

Last Saturday I saw the new S6 Avant in the showroom here in Holland. Beautiful car, great Avus alloys, very butch-looking big twin exhausts (like the TT 225, on both sides of the rear panel). 4.2, 340 hp, 6-speed w/optional Tip.
Incredible: while the price of the S6 Avant is very close to that of the S8, metallic paint is optional.

Also, multiple dark-grey TT Roadsters. Beautiful with the natural-coloured 'baseball glove' interior, though I seem to be the only one who thinks so. Base price for a 225hp quattro version is $55k here...

Used-car show had 15 A8s, 5 TTs (one q), a new S4 Avant in dark grey metallic (barely below list price, all 'S' badges removed) and an S3 in silver. Expensive stuff.