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Re: Can you ADD those little orange Pegs?

Kinda OT, but I thought I would add my recent discovery.

I missed having some kind of floormat restraining device on my non-
Audi car for a long time.  I had gotten into the habit of pulling my 
floormat from under the pedals as soon as I get in the car, and at 
every stoplight.  I can't believe most other manufacturers don't 
address this.

Just last week or so, I discovered that there are floor mat clips 
made for this very thing, and they have been under my nose all this 
time.  You can get them at any WalMart or Target type, or auto 
parts store, in the automotive trinkets section.  They are two bucks 
a pair, one pair required for each floor mat.

I have to admit, they work, and I like my car much better now.

But I still have to catch myself from trying to adjust the floormat 
when I get in the car.  Old habits die hard.

They're not the same as adding the OE orange pegs, but they get 
the job done.  FYI.


Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu> wrote:
> I know, some people hate them.  But they do keep the floormat in
> place.  And mine keeps slipping forward.    My 84' doesnt ahve them and
> doesn't seem to have ever had them.  i feel nothign through the carpet but
> havent' pulled it up yet to see if they just will screw in.  Anyone know
> if the early 84' 4kq's had provisions for them or would I have to drill a
> hole???  If they will just screw in then i want to add them at least on
> the driver side.  I have two from a junk yard just in case.  But I might
> paint them black.  :-)
> 	BTW...I suspect that they are paint4d orange so that people dont
> hit them when they are wearing sandals, etc.  But what do i know.  Thats
> usually a reason for painting something Safety Orange. :-)  or a warnign
> that they are really activators for the rocket launchers???  Hmmm.
> l8r