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RE: heater valves

Jerry Croucher wrote:
> Both of my cars will provide more than enough
> heat down to 0 F.  If you are not getting heat look at your 
> core, it may be
> filled with deposits that greatly reduce the heat transfer.
> Just my .02
> Jerry

What about BELOW 0 F?  Does anybody have a 4k heater that works well at
those temps?  Are the heater cores just not big enough,  or is mine
partially plugged?  Mine works fine down to about -10 F, but it's when it's
20 - 40 below 0 F that's the problem.  
I've resorted to only put the blower on the first notch(makes the air coming
out the vents warmer), aim both the heater vents toward me, and huddle near
the driver side vent while driving.  After 15-20 minutes, the inside of the
car is almost warm enough to sit comfortably in the middle of the driver
seat.  This is of course with the seat heater on high ;o)
I can put up with it, but when I have a passenger, it's pretty
embarrassing... 'ah, sure, I can drive my cool awd German sedan to lunch...
but make sure you bring your boots, hat and gloves'.