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Re: Meltdown at Carlsson

I don't think it's Y2K, not directly at least.  They may have bought into
the new package to avoid it.  Who knows.

The company I work for just changed it's inventory system over to something
new, and it's been excruciating.  It's been months (symptoms are mostly
delays), but we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Anything that big and complex (for scale: company has about 1/3 million
employees) just takes time to debug.

Audi's problems won't bother Dad any, V8 parts always take a while to arrive.


At 01:00 PM 12/14/1999 -0700, DeWitt Harrison wrote:
>At 07:24 PM 12/14/99, Phil Payne wrote:
>>> The computer crash aside, it's seems to have become pretty
>>> difficult to get Audi parts orders for the ol' type 44 filled at
>>> Carlsen these days. Didi says it's a system wide problem.
>>> Is anyone else having similar problems? [ ... ]
>>VAG is apparently converting its parts operations to a software package
>>called SAP R/3 ...
>>Parts have been turning up in the UK with hand-written picking slips.
>It's beginning to sound desperate alright. Too early to blame Y2K?
>DeWitt Harrison
>Boulder, CO
>88 5kcstq