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Re: Really bad TT ownership experience

Have you ever consider going to a different dealer and seeing if they are 
alittle more knowledgeable?  Perhaps a 2nd opinion is in hand.  

Same thing happen to my local dealer when my timing belt broke and I asked 
them to check my belts.  They refused to pay for anything since they thought 
I ment the AC belt, when I said Timing.  Well, a letter to the BBB got them 
to pay for 3/4 of the price.  Brand new engine.  

I suggest you give a call to the BBB.  I'm sure you will be surprise what 
kind of power they have.  

All this talk about New cars and dealers has got me thinking about 2nd hand 
Anyone have a 97-99 A4tq they want to sell to me?  I'm willing to buy now.

89 200t10v
Redmond WA

In a message dated 12/12/99 1:57:48 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
bwillis@san.rr.com writes:

> I am sort of happy to report that as of this afternoon, the periodic 2nd
>  gear syncro grind is once again occurring in EVERY shift.  This should put
>  an end to the insulting and annoying theory that the problem doesn't really
>  exist, and is in fact my fault for not knowing how to drive a stick shift,
>  despite driving a manual transmission for 15-20 years. Also, last night the
>  aluminum cover of the radio broke, so it will no longer stay closed.  It
>  seems that it just doesn't stop, but don't forget that this is all somehow
>  my fault as I am an unreasonable customer and a pain in the arse.
>  I want to thank the group for your intelligent, supportive, positive, and
>  solution-oriented posts.  I have posted primarily on the Audi.TT.Org 
>  in the past, but am taking a temporary or permanent leave due to insulting
>  and often obscene attacks from mostly anonymous posters.