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Re: Virgin test drive!

> Can anyone recommend a GOOD manual for the 87 series Quattro Turbos please?

> By good I mean one that properly address the 4 wheel drive elements and
> contains comprehensive wiring diagrams for the high-end models i.e. memory
> seats, air-con, ABS,etc. The only easily available manual in the UK is by
> Haynes, cheap but far from comprehensive. Paying others to maintain this
> aging luxury beast is beyond my means so if I can't learn how to fix the
> problems myself it will have to go!

> Talking of air-con, the UK dealership price for the Climate Control unit was
> GBP850 two years ago - anyone know the common faults or care to recommend a
> reasonably priced agent to sort it for me. Of course, if  the manual is that
> GOOD it will contain schematics and I can do it ALL myself. (With a bit of
> help from the boys at work).

If I see "87 Quattro Turbo" I automatically think 'ur-quattro' - but the
urq has no such head unit - the air conditioning control is a switch.

I assume 200TQ?  Try http://www.sjmautotechnik.com for a start.  The only
decent manual (IMO) for the climate control is the factory V8 manual.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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