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Re: V8 engine in type 44

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 OorQue@aol.com wrote:

> Nope ... he clearanced the engine mounting rail on one side but that's about 
> it.  Not a big deal, though.  You can see a photo at 
> http://members.aol.com/oorque if you're curious...

	Ok, I remember seeing this.  Couldnt see the motor mount
though.  When you get the thing all finished will you post some pics and
closeups on your web page.???   Whats the two pip split a the front of the
engine.  I'm assuming its Water cooling.  Looks like it curves back around
the engine though on pass side.  Could jsut be me but I figured the
radiator would be in front. :-)  Will it be in front.  Or will you do Dual
radiators like in the LT-1 5ktq??

> Yes, I'm planning to do something similar ... not identical but similar.


> Yes but I really don't want this to become a continuing project ... I want to 
> finish it and then drive the wheels off it.

Thats a good point.  If you have the time and money, go for the
gold, get it done, do it right, and drive it hard for 10 years.  I dont
have the money or know how to know what I want in a few years so I'm
having to go the learners route.  Do a swap, learn from it, make the next
one better.  i can paint fine, do the mechanical stuff fine, but my
welding and fabrixcation leaves something to be desired. :-)  But its
getting better.  It takes a while I guess to learn to look at an area,
take a few measurements, then walk back to the shop and whip up a bracket
that meets your needs.  Right now I'm wrestling with the Oil
Cooler.  Think I have it figured out though.

> I figure 5-7 psi is about as much boost as I can run without lowering the CR 
> or having to replace the OEM fuel system.  Still, that should be good for 
> enough power to push the tranny to the edge of reliability.  I'd planned to 

	Hmm, I owuldnt worry about the tranny to much.  Alex is running
400hp as well as Ned and they ahve had no problems.  also, Frank Sprongel
has that Group B mtor in his S2 Rally car and for a few rallyies he used
to use a 4kq gearbox as it gave him a higher top speed than his Rally only
crash box.    He said it took the power fine but that he broke a few cases
from landing hard on jumps due to flex in the subframe.  Engine mounted to
body, Tranny to subrame so there is stress there.  But if you dont go
jumping off huge jumps at 90mph you should be fine.  Now, all these guys
go easy in 1st gear launches (most of the time) but for an OEm tranny,
that thing is robust.  (I'm sure you know that :-)  

> use the KKK03 because they can be had cheaply, are sized correctly for 1.8L, 
> work well up to 7-8psi and have an integral wastegate, which simplifies the 
> plumbing a bit ... unfortunately, I learned this weekend that it won't work 
> as planned because the wastegate isn't positioned where I need it and the 
> exhaust housing isn't clockable.  In other words, it doesn't fit like I'd 
> been hoping it would ... back to the drawing board.

	Thats to bad.  Oh well.  Have you considered (dont laugh) the
Dodge colt turbo??  its small, builds boost incredibly quickly and seems
to handle 10psi fine in my friends rabbit GTI 1.8 conversion.  And its
based on a T3 so you can get custom compressor housiings etc for it.  
	Jsut a passing thought.  Tiny turbo so its easy to mount.  thats
why he used it.