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Re:About those orange pegs.....

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From: "TM" <mizutanit@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 23:43:49 -0500

>Now that everyone is talking about the orange pegs, who can tell me
>where I can find a nice set of mats for my 5kcstq that will work with
>the orange pegs? Preferably with either the Audi rings or quattro on
>the mats.

Try ebay. I just got a set of New Old Stock Quattro mats for my 90q for under $60.00 including shipping. Most of the mats he's sold were beige, but mine are grey. I think he's had 5k before. Blau's are going for $109.00


Michael Lemon
Kansas City, MO
'88 90q