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Complete 99.5 Audi A4 2.8q Interior FOR SALE...

Like i said it is literally complete...  everything...  the car is being
turned intoa rally racer...  we gutted the whole interior this past
weekend...  start making offers, keep in mind every single part or little
part is for sale...  Lemme know off list whatcha want and i'll get back to
ya... the interior is a tan color interior.

This car has a PES supercharger in it, and biy lemme tell ya the car hauls
ass now, because the only thing we have in it literally is a drivers
seat(leather), and the steering wheel its fun and very very fast now..  we
also jacked the car up 3"'s from stock using the coilover suspension that is
on the car..  it was dropped 2.75"'s...  it also has 18x8 LLTek Motorsport
Qualifiers.. with Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Positions, perfect shape,
which in fact are for sale too.

So anyone who is interested contact me.

Levent Cur