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Audi doesn't like making anyone's life easy, well, not in the early
eighties...Just why did they insist on having the Coupe GT's tailpipe
bend like that? It shoots out sideways from the muffler by about a foot
and it angles upward slightly for ground clearance....so when i measure
it up for a slick looking exhaust tip, I realize that I will have to
hack the tailpipe off to put one on.....I really wasn't too keen on
having an exhaust tip shoot from under the bumber by 5 inches.

So in other words, I have to go to my muffler shop and ask them pretty
please to weld a small tailpipe into the muffler and then weld on the
tip....good thing I haven't bought the tip yet, I would have
screamed.....nothing is ever cheap for me, I know that if the chrome tip
is $47, then the muffler shop will charge me at least $80 for the work.

To go with the talk of decals, well, I put a small silver "qauttro"
decal at the top of my rear window and that alone must add 50bhp and
drop my 0-60mph time to at least 6.5 seconds. Had I bought and Audi
Sport badge, I'm sure I could whip your "average" stock Sport Quattro
any day......because hey, don't mess with a Coupe GT wearing stickers.


Geordie Clarke
'82 Audi Coupe
185,000km and still the original doorhandles! not the trunk latch