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Re: crash tests, from a Physics Teacher, 2 cars at 60MPH

Caught you again, My question and the main sticking point is the comparison
between two cars going 30 and -30  compared with two cars with one going 60
and the other parked.  Of corse one of the assumptions is that the parking
brake is not on and in neutral.   I do not dispute any of what you say, just
that you answered a different question than what was asked.

 >To solve the question of Dave:
 >V initial of car 1 = 60 MPH
 >V initial of car 2 = - 60 MPH (travelling in opposite direction. Think
 >number line)
> >Yes, would you like to settle the 60,0 two car solution.
> >I agree with all of your statements and I believe the biggest problem
> >is
> >LISTENING, as I believe most of us agree on almost all points, even
> >you
> >answered the 60,barrier question but not the 60,0 two car question.
> >However
> >as you stated conservation of momentum states that both cars will be
> >traveling at 30 immediatly after.  (Not true - I assumed that both cars
> will stop at the point of collision, an in-elastic collision. THis is
> what crumple s=zones are supposed to do.
> >
> >  Dave G
> >3x  84 4kq's (death traps)
> >  No one should be driving these older quattro's anymore and I will
> >accept
> >any given to me, just for everyone elses good.