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Checking Fuel & Control Pressure (long)

Last night I worked on the '83 CGT again trying to get it to run right.  It 
now takes about 3 minutes of solid cranking to get it to catch fully, and it 
won't run below 1500 rpms without dying completely.  Last night I took the 
schrick cam back out and replaced it w/ stock cam and timed it properly. 
(Didn't help).  Background of the problem is I built a new engine for the 
car and it has never started properly.

I also built a pressure guage to test the control pressure out of the 
following pieces I had lying around:

Fuel injector hose  (M8 banjo fitting to F M12 thread)
Fuel return line (M12 banjo fitting to F M12 thread)
Misc. Fuel line (F M12 thread to F M12 thread)
M12 banjo "bolt" with tapped head for M8 banjo bolt (this found on side of a 
spare fuel distributor)
M8 banjo bolt.
1/4" M NPT thread water pressure guage

Disconnect the line leading from the control pressure regulator at the 
center of the fuel distributor.  Connect in it's place on the F.D. the spare 
fuel injector line.  Screw into the female M12 thread the spare fuel return 
line with the male M12 threads on one end and big banjo fitting on the 
other.  Run the M12 banjo "bolt" through the big banjo fitting and screw it 
into one end of the fuel line with the two female M12 ends. Screw the 
pressure guage (with some teflon tape 'cause the threads are close but not 
perfect) into the other female M12 fitting. Use a M8 banjo bolt to screw 
into the top of the M12 banjo "bolt" the line from the control pressure 
regulator.  Basically you've made a convoluted T with the pressure guage off 
one of the legs.

This should show the control pressure.  However, when I cranked the car for 
about 15 sec., the guage appeared to be on zero.  Then it slowly backed off 
the back side of the 0 peg.  The guage goes up to 100 psi and was reading at 
least 150 psi.  I find it hard to believe the fuel pump could have put out 
10 bar pressure, and the control pressure regulator did nothing.  I guess 
it's possible something in the guage did not like gasoline...

So, my question is, where can I get a fuel pressure guage that comes with 
the right M12 fittings???

Also, could it be true that the guage is reading correct?  I've already 
swapped out the Cont. press. reg. with one from another car.  So I guess it 
leaves a problem with either the fuel distributor or return line back to the 
gas tank.  Any help would be appreciated.


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