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RE: Crash Tests (Saab 9-5 pictures??)

	I'm not even go to TRY to get into the Physics of this
debate.  Not my area. :-)   Just was thinking of something I saw a while
	Did anyone see the first pics of the crash testing done on the new
Saab 9-5 by Saab???  I believe speed was 60mph for each car.  Head on,
offset 1/3 from each other  (I mean really, how often is the collision
DIRECLY head on, usually at least one car is steering away. )   Hence the
	THey hit, both cars rear tires actually came off the ground about
1-2 feet.  THen they both ended up back a few feet from each other.  Just
though this would indicate the mild elastic effect that people are
throwing around.  To me this clearly shows that there is some elasticity
to the collision.  But not much since it was only a couple feet.  (few
feet, not sure, didn't measure the picture. :-)   
	BTW...if any one has the Automobile article with it in there, or
maybe another article, if you look real carefully, you can see the
headlamp from the car on the left about 20 feet in front of the car, still
going 60mph.  :-)  Thought that was pretty funny.  I noticed the headlight
seemed to be missing.  Then saw an object the same size trailing glass
fragments flying through the air, guess I'm not the only person that has a
problem with the adjustment screws pushing in to far and the light coming
loose. :-)

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