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RE: 0-60 What??

What are you talking about? The Tiptronic is just the shifting system.
If you mean the tranny itself, the original Tiptronic in the 964 is
just a 4-speed ZF slushbox with advanced shift controls and a neat way
to shift manually.

You must be thinking of the PDK gearbox in the later 962s (or was it a
962C?). The Tiptronic is _not_ a semi-automatic gearbox. The only true
semi-auto gearboxes in production are the Ferrari F1 gearbox in the
F355 and F360 and the derivation in the Alfa 156. I'm not sure if the
BMW M SMG tranny qualifies as production- is it a true clutchless gearbox?
I know the SMG is sequential shift. Unfortunately, being in the States,
I don't have a chance to play with the cool toys. Ruf also makes some
sort of electronic clutch 6-speed for the 964 cars, at least.

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<< When Porsche introduced the Tiptronic transmissions, they and the mag
 testers all claimed it would beat a stick to 60 >>

It didn't.  They were a touch slower, in most cases, but the ease of driving
them is quite pleasant.   However, the Tiptronic program was developed
directly from the 962C Prototype race cars, where Porsche found that the
semi-automatic was good for around 1 second a lap.  Which, in racing terms,
was a quantum leap forward.  I also wouldn't worry much about the tip
handling the power - 962C's ran upwards of 800 hp in qualifying race trim,
and are widely (and correctly) regarded as the most sucessful prototype car
ever built (7 or 8 straight LM wins..)

Carter J