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Re: VAG scan tool & codes for V8


You are correct these codes are not in the V8 Service Manual,  I have found
codes in the Bentley 100/200 manual that where applicable to the V8 though.

I would check there if you have access.

I have the Bentley at home, not here at work :-)


90 V8
91 V8


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 22:35:49 -0600
From: dave <dsaad@micron.net>
Subject: VAG scan tool & codes for V8

Does anybody out there in Audi land know how the VAG 1551 scan tool
I mean specifically what is the communication protocall between the VAG
and the ECU?
If I can find this info, I am considering building my own tool. I
suspect that it is just a faster version of the blink output but have
not yet put a scope on it to find out.
As far as scan tools go, are there any good ones available for
occasional users like me? (meaning cheap)
And finally, does anybody have a list of fault codes for a 1991 V8Q? I
am getting codes 3433, 3434, 3443, 3444 and can not find them listed


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