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Re: Crash Tests (Saab 9-5 pictures??)

Hah, Hah..
   I've been at the computer for 15 hours now.  Well 12 if you include
dinner break, etc.  So excuse my lack of laughing.  NOt much is funny
right now. :-)

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On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Allan Jones wrote:

> > Yep.  On the other hand, the Dummy's that were in the car
> >indicated that (get this) the drivers and passengers not only would have
> >survived, but may have been able to walk (severely limp) away.  Wow.
> Unless the driver's were intoxicated, in which case the passengers would
> have definitely died and the "dummy's" would be walking into prison.  Get
> it!  :o)